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Sexting Etiquette When Hookup Dating: A Guide To Fun & Intimate Texts Done Right!

According to someone who writes sex dating reviews, it is generally a good rule of thumb not to sex-text or “sext” anyone if you have not had sex in real life first. Sending a sext is always a risk, but for some people, they enjoy the thrill it gives. Sometimes, though, what you say through text can have the potential to blow up in your face. It is best to always be careful with what you say. A man named Brett Favre was accused of sexually harassing three employees of the New York Jets, one which included a Jets sideline reporter. This issue was getting a lot of attention because Brett Favre sent a picture of his penis to the reporter. These photos were leaked along with voice mail messages.

“Sexting a girl requires practice and effort”

“Sexting a girl requires practice and effort”

Men and women alike can learn from this man’s misfortune. Before you decide to send a photograph if your top secret body parts to random people or casual hookup partners, find out what she will think if he or she received something like that. Our mothers always reminded us to “mind your manners” and this did not limit to just the dinner table. Texting Etiquettes also plays a large role in sending text messages to prospect hookup partners. Mobile phones have made the world of relationships and dating very different to how it was a decade ago. Many of us remember how we depended on phones for reaching someone at home or at work. Some spend hours sitting by the phone waiting for someone to call. Nowadays, all it takes is just one text message to reach someone.

More than a decade ago, fears around rejection prevented would-be lovers to pick up the phone and make the first call. Today, people can hide their fears behind technology. To ask someone out on a date, people depend on texting or social media and this often happens before two people have even met each other. Because of technology, flirting can happen before seeing one another in person. The word sexting was derived as a combination of the words sex and texting. This means the message is an explicit text message.

“Learn texting etiquettes”

“Learn texting etiquettes”

A recent study done in the United Kingdom online dating site Parship discovered that 60 percent (6 out of 10) casual daters use text messaging to schedule their first meeting and voice calls were the choice of 67 percent of people who are looking into having a serious relationship. Whether or not you are serious with the person you are texting or sexting, it is best to apply the rules or etiquette. Here are some:

1. Pick carefully – Choosing your sexting partner should be just like choosing an actual sex partner. This means you should not do it with someone whom you do not trust or are not comfortable with. Many people, for some reason, find this advice difficult to follow. With today’s technology, anyone can expose your explicit messages and images so beware with whom you share those with. Before you share candid photos and messages to someone, get to know the person better. Even if both have the same intention (which is sexting), still respect the other person enough to ask questions outside of sex.

2. Mind the background – If your room is dirty, don’t bother taking sexy pictures there. Many people don’t just look at the individual in the photo but the details in the background. Taking a photo with a messy background will tempt people to make a joke out of you and this is not something you want to happen.

“Drunk texting can never be good”

“Drunk texting can never be good”

3. No to drunken texting – Text someone when you are completely sober. What can be worse than drunk dialing? Drunk texting ! Instead of playing the humiliating voice message to his or her friends so they can make a good laugh out of it, he or she will show them the messages you typed while you were drinking at the bar.

4. Think before you speak – If you wouldn’t say this to someone in personal, then it is best you don’t text it either. Sometimes, the extra anonymity provided by online interaction and texting makes it more tempting to let loose with dirtiest talk. However, a sex dating reviews website advises that people should use a little discretion because even these things can leave footprints that can come back to haunt the sender. When in doubt, do not sext.

5. Sext with words, not images – A person will have more success sticking to words when sexting rather than sending photos of your nether regions. For men, here is something you should know: a woman’s sexuality is largely mental. This means that telling her what you want to do will be more stimulating than an explicit picture. Think of something to say which would leave her blushing whenever she checks her phone and have her use her imagination more often.

6. Sending images – If sending images can make the sexting session more colorful, send a photo of your hands or lips. Describe to the person what those body parts will do or can do. These sensual, suggestive photo texts works for many.

7. Spell check – We’ve all seen bloopers in texting caused by the auto correct feature in our phones and this is something we want to avoid. It would be really bad if both people are in the mood, but a word auto corrected by the phone ruined the moment. The best thing to do it turn off auto correct or check your spelling and messages before pressing the send button to make sure you got your message right.

8. Check the contact – If you are sexting with more than one person, check the name and number on the contact field to make sure you are sending that message to the right person. This will avoid trouble and humiliation on your part.

9. Do not go overboard – Try not to be too filthy when sexting. Sending fun and sexy messages can add excitement to a future encounter in person, but coarsely describing specifics is crossing the line. If your partner is only into “vanilla sex”, don’t start talking bondage.

10. Press that delete button – After the sexting session, delete your messages. Do not keep your sexts on your device to prevent other people from “accidentally” reading them. This will also save you a lot of explanation in case you find out someone has read the messages you have exchanged with that person. Not a lot of people accept this, so it is best to avoid problems by deleting them after.

“Sexting – Don’t listen to the criticism”

“Sexting – Don’t listen to the criticism”

Sexting has received a considerable amount of criticism because of its negative uses. The truth is, it is like other means of exchanging personal messages. It has good attributes as well. It is not only used for hookup dating but many couples do this to build intimacy when they are in a long distance relationship. For the people who are desperate to find someone to sext with or a casual sex partner can choose the right site from our list of top sites. We compared various sites and the best site was rated on the basis of its reviews. Read the socialsex review yourself. The sex dating reviews are largely helpful in making the right decision about the choice of the site. Once, you have chosen the right website to start your dating life, Sext away…

Sexting encourages individuals to use explore fantasies and use their imagination, indulging sexual urges when they arise. This also poses no risks of sexually transmitted diseases. Whenever either partner does not want to continue the “intimacy”, they can easily end it because these rarely develop a bond or special feelings. Communicating sexual feelings or desires is also easier for those who are self-conscious and shy.

Blackberry 10 – Savior Or Doom?

The first BlackBerry, a pager, was designed and announced in 1999. Since then we have seen the rise and fall of the BlackBerry trademark, once holding a place with the best personal data assistants (integrated with cell phones, of course), but lately the BlackBerry name has been little mentioned as compared to other smartphone manufacturers, such as Samsung or Apple. The problem is that most of the functions that could once be attributed exclusively to BlackBerry are now standard in most every Android, iOS or even Windows smartphone. In January 2013, BlackBerry announced a new device – the BlackBerry Z10 (an exclusively touchscreen smartphone), the only current device to operate on the new BB10 operating system – with hopes of regaining the trust of a wider array of users.

What Sets The BlackBerry 10 Apart From Competition?

To be honest, not much really. It has no compatibility with other operating systems, which means that, with its limited application numbers, BlackBerry is fighting an uphill battle. Current BlackBerry users will likely be glad about the much needed overhaul (the older BlackBerry OS7 was quite outdated compared to the competition), but there is little to attract new smartphone users, and even less to attract users already in possession of an Android or iOS running smartphone.

To raise their chances of success, the developers at BlackBerry decided to completely scrap the old OS7 and begin from scratch. The result is a sleek interface, not that much different from modern smartphone operating systems, yet it has a certain BlackBerry “feel” to it that shows it’s not just trying to immitate the leading vendors.

BlackBerry has formally announced the two smartphones with BlackBerry 10 operating system

BlackBerry has formally announced the two smartphones with BlackBerry 10 operating system

They have merged homescreen windows, application screens and running apps into an until now unseen blend which handles nicely and doesn’t look half bad. The downside is that, to a typical smartphone user, it might feel a bit odd. For example, there is no back button anymore.

The apps are closed by simply swiping the screen from the bottom up, sort of how you close the notifications screen in Android. That and some other features just mean getting used to the interface a little bit, but with today’s choice on the market, it may be a deciding factor for the popularity of BlackBerry and its existence in the future.

Benefits of Android Operating System

Benefits of Android Operating System


So, can the BlackBerry 10 OS save BlackBerry from oblivion? Yes and no. As far as the operating system goes, it looks nice, handles great, has some features that no other provider has, and uses no more battery to run those extra features than other smartphones use without them. The choice in applications is a bit lacking in comparison to the competition, but all the essential apps are there for the average user. So what can cause its downfall? The fact that it’s new and different, which always carries a risk. If the users find it appealing enough that it gains enough popularity, it could very well put BlackBerry near the top, but if the users find the changes too demanding for the end result or not enough appealing to bother with, the BlackBerry 10 OS could be the swan song of the once great manufacturer. As always, only time will tell.

Have Fun: Dating Ideas in New York

Valentines is just around the corner, but looking for a spot to celebrate it can be a real obstacle. One of the top reasons a date goes wrong is because of a bad choice of venue. If you like wonderful attractions, grand hotels, mesmerizing skylines and romantic restaurants for your date, you might want to consider New York City.

Here are my great date recommendations or ideas in NYC:

Take your partner to the best restaurants around. There are so many restaurants in NYC, it’s difficult to pick which one fits your special night. Suggestions would be Mihoko’s 21 Grams in Gramercy, Triomphe Restaurant, Arabelle at the Hotel Plaza Athenee and Le Chateau in South Salem. These choices are sure to make you and your partner stay in love – with food.

Do fun activities together. A date might go dead boring if there isn’t any fun into it. NYC is home to sport centers, theme parks, etc. to keep the date alive. The climbing wall at the North Meadow Recreation Center can test a couple’s toughness. If you’re feeling too extreme for the occasion, then try Indoor Extreme Sports at Long Island for some paintball and laser tag action, or the Brooklyn Bowl at Williamsburg for some good ol’ fashioned bowling.

Romantic Date Ideas In New York

Romantic Date Ideas In New York

Take a tour around the top attractions. NYC is full of romantic destinations perfect for Valentines. Rockefeller Center is place to be if you’re in for ice skating or seeing a lovely view of the city from the Top of the Rock. Brooklyn Heights also sets the mood; it has a breathtaking view of lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Central Park has romantic carriage rides that tour you around the park, letting you appreciate its beauty. And if you’re not contented with one attraction, a romantic way to experience them all is to try an NYC helicopter tour to see all the best attractions of NYC!

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in NYC

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in NYC

Plan your getaway in a very romantic hotel. I suggest that you pick one that is near to romantic attractions or those that offer romance packages. Hotel Wolcott is a very affordable hotel that can provide lovers an evening of elegance without spending too much. On The Ave is a modern style hotel that can rekindle the flames of any couples’ romance. Park Central Hotel is a special hotel that is very near to popular attractions in NYC, such as Times Square and Central Park, and it also gives access to the Subway.

When You Want To Go Heavy: Guide In Lifting Larger Weights

Lifting weights is a vital part of the resistance training. Resistance training is mainly for strengthening muscles but it is also an important factor in losing weight. Many are scared about getting big or bulky because of lifting weights. The truth is, it’s actually a big help in burning calories and losing fat. The larger weights you lift, the more it burns calories because the more muscle there is compared to fat, the more it burns extra calories. But before you hit the gym and work on those dumb bells and weights, here are some things you need to remember.

Body Mechanics

When you lift weights not only are you putting strain or pressure on to your arms. The pressure also goes to the entire body to be able to lift that thing up. So it is very important to keep a balance. That can be done by having a wide base of support. That means you have to have a wider stance so that the body’s weight is evenly distributed. You can do it by extending your legs just a little more than the usual shoulder width. Especially if you will be lifting heavier weights, the squat is important to be able to keep the position for a longer period of time. More importantly this prevents injury on the back as the weight is not concentrated on just one part of the body

Any good workout program that involves a heavy dose of weight training can serve as a good bulking workout program

Any good workout program that involves a heavy dose of weight training can serve as a good bulking workout program

Balanced Training

Often times, when one gets too engrossed with weight lifting, he/she tends to forget the other parts of the body. Especially the new weight lifters, they put in a lot of time training the arms and chest. While it is true that the arms and chest are one of the prime body parts used for weight lifting, other parts of the body such as the back and hips are also involved in being able to lift larger weights. The back and hips also carry the weight of the body as well the weight you are lifting. It is important to strengthen the back and hip muscles to avoid straining them as you go larger with the weights.

Weightlifting Not Just for the Boys

Weightlifting Not Just for the Boys

Progressive Overload

This means that the intensity of the exercise should increase gradually. In the case of lifting weights, the weights should get heavier and larger slowly and the repetition should be tapered as it gets heavier. Weight lifting is not something that should be done overnight. Lifting weights causes trauma to muscles. If it is done without progressive overload, this will cause a big instant trauma on the muscles and will cause a lot of pain. Progressive loading is aimed at developing strength and adaptation on the muscles to be able to lift larger weights without straining or pain.

3 European Public Companies That Are Good Investments

While most people like to keep their money safely protected in their lockers, they do not realize that investing their savings is actually a better way to ensure a secured future. We all know that money can’t multiply by itself! Then why keep it locked up in the safe, while you can invest and get back much more in return? There isn’t possibly a better way to earn money than by investing into things that promise fruitful returns. All you need to do is, find a plan worth investing in, and without any hard work at all, you can see your money grow like never before! As most of you would know, investing in company stocks is not an easy choice-It is really a daunting task for a layman to choose between hundreds of companies across a variety of industries to invest in. But, to help all the potential investors out there, in making the right investment decision, we bring to you the 3 best European public companies, most suitable for your investments. These companies have the maximum yearly turnovers, and a good economic graph that promises you the maximum returns with the least amount of risks.

First Solar Inc.

With the ongoing power crisis, it is only natural that most of the world is desperately looking for a renewable power alternative, to satiate their energy needs. Under such conditions, the only place that most companies worldwide are now turning to, is the First Solar Inc. First Solar is company that leads in manufacturing solar photovoltaic power systems, and operates mainly from Arizona. In recent years the company has been soaring high in the global market, adding feathers on its cap one after the other. It’s most recent achievement includes the acquiring of the Raytracker Inc, another power generating firm that is believed to give the company a technological boost. With a steady revenue growth of 29% in 2012, First Solar Inc., is therefore the number one investment choice on the global market right now!

Income Investing for Beginners - a 10 Part Guide to Successful Income Investing

Income Investing for Beginners – a 10 Part Guide to Successful Income Investing

Cognizant Tech Solutions

Another company that has stirred the European market, and left a heavy mark is the Cognizant Tech Solutions- a Company that deals in information technology, and serves clients from fields as varies as healthcare, logistics, retail, as well as finance. In recent years, the Cognizant family has spread to many parts of the globe and continues to add on to its client list, providing customers with the best possible service in the field. With an annual growth rate of about 23% percent last year, Cognizant shows promise for investors who wish to invest and have their dreams fulfilled.

Investors: Whose Money to Take

Investors: Whose Money to Take

Apple Computer

This is a company that requires absolutely no introduction! In the entire Europe, infact in the entire world, if there is one company that has enjoyed unquestionable customer loyalty- then it has to be APPLE. So great is the company reputation, that it has almost become synonymous with the world ‘technology’, delivering the world one technological marvel after the other. As the popularity of the brand breaks all bounds, so does its growth percentage, accounting for a revenue growth of 19% last years, much more than its peers Microsoft or Intel. For investors looking to make some profit, let us assure you that Apple would never disappoint you, just like it never disappoints its other customers.

So hurry and invest in any of the three to earn lots of money and make all your dreams come true!

3 Tips In Choosing The Right Credit Card For Your Business

Times are tough, and competition is even tougher, especially if you’re a small-business entrepreneur who has yet to master the tricks of the trade. Learning the ropes can be such a pain, and choosing for the right business credit card is no exception. Small business lending may have shown signs of improvement in the past few years, but the idea of growing profit when business expenditures are in full speed becomes just a little bit too hard to balance. This is why we have put together a few tips to make sure that you end up with the right credit card that will meet your needs and help drive your business to success.

Learn About Annual Fees… And The Perks That Come With It.

The privilege of carrying a credit card comes with a once a year charge called the annual fee, and while regular credit card holders can often bargain their way out of it, only a few companies issue cards to businesses without this kind of fee. The only time no-fee credit cards are offered to businesses is when they see your business have an excellent credit history.

Aside from the interest rate, the annual fee is the other thing that needs careful consideration. They vary, depending on the benefits that come with it. A lot of individuals make the mistake of wanting to choose a business credit card that comes with the cheapest annual fee, not even bothering to find out what benefits come with paying for that particular amount. You might just end up saving more with a higher annual fee as it can earn you free access and upgrades to different places and events. The best way to take advantage of these perks is in finding out which ones would work best for you and your business.

How to Choose the Right Company for Credit Card Payment Gateway Services

How to Choose the Right Company for Credit Card Payment Gateway Services

Find Out What The Interest Rate Is

The credit card’s interest rate will make a huge impact on each purchase you’ll make, depending on its percentage. Carrying a balance for a long period can take its toll on you, if the rate is pretty high. However, if you’re planning to pay it in full every month, then you won’t have to worry about it too much.

Credit Limit

The higher the credit limit, the better purchasing potential your business is going to have. However, you still have to be extremely careful with your decisions. It’s still best to choose the credit card that would offer a limit that would suit your business needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Small Business Management Tips

Small Business Management Tips

Having a business credit card is important, as it can greatly help in the management of your business. It is every bit an advantage and it can save you all the trouble of having to worry about replenishing stock whenever you need to. Just make sure that you keep these tips in mind so you can maximize your purchasing power for the growth of your business. Good luck!